TEACHING H@ckathon

Develop & Deploy your TEACHING app in a single day, win the prize!
Within the scope of the EU2020 project TEACHING "A computing Toolkit for building Efficient Autonomous appliCations leveraging Humanistic INtelliGence" we are happy to run a Hackaton in June 30th 2023 as an key dissemination activity at the end of the 4 years project!
To register to the H@ckathon send an email to [email protected] with your contact information! If you registered you should have received a MS Teams invite. This is the link of the link for the Plenary Sessions!
The distributed H@ckathon will take place in parallel in four different locations [Athens, Graz, Pisa, Bologna] and we are planning for a single day event from 9:00 to 18:00 (UTC+2). Check-out more details about our locations here:

Tentative Schedule

[9:00 – 9:30] TEACHING project Introduction (plenary on MS Teams) [9:30 – 10:00] – TEACHING Platform + AI-Toolkit introduction (plenary on MSTeams) [10:00 – 13:00] – Coding (distributed on local hosts + slack) [13:00 – 14:00] – Lunch Break [14:00 – 17:00] – Coding (distributed on local hosts + slack) [17:00 – 18:00] – Team Pitch + Awards (plenary on MS Teams)

H@ckathon Objective

The main objective of the Hackaton is to develop a TEACHING application using the open platform developed within the scope of the EU TEACHING project. The TEACHING platform allows to streamline the development of distributed AI-enabled applications with a Human-centered design. During the H@ckaton the participants will be required to use the platform to build their own application. A raspberry PI 3B+ with a camera module will be given to each team with a starting dev-kit to simplify the integration of a custom object recognition module. A minimal introduction to the platform and the dev-kit will be given during the day and in each location a few experienced developers will assist you in case of any doubts!
Are you ready to start?


Each team participating to the H@ckathon will get a Raspberry PI 3B+ with a Camera Module (~200$ in value)! For the overall winning team 3 free registrations to 2nd Workshop on Pervasive AI to be held in Turin, Italy!


General Chair - Vincenzo Lomonaco, University of Pisa Local Chair (Pisa, Italy
) - Julio Hurtado, University of Pisa Local Chair (Bologna, Italy
)- Angelo Trotta, University of Bologna Local Chair (Athens, Greece
)- Konstantinos Tserpes, Harokopio University of Athens Local Chair (Graz, Austria
) - Georg Macher, Graz University of Technology
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